Camy and Jaky HD


******* Bedtime or No Bedtime, traveling in a car, bus, train or airplane this story keeps the children interest until the end *******
From the classical story of a Camel and Jackal, An adventure series of the two friends, in the newly reformed format for children to learn and entertain, with beautiful characters and illustrations along with voice overs and interactive sound effects. Moral story which keeps children interest till the end. Surprise sounds effects.
Version 1.1 Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Children story picturesque book with interactive narration.
High Definition beautiful illustrations.
Individual Character voices and sound effects
Easy, understandable and humorous narration
Edutainment product.
Soft controllable background music.
Simple touch / swipe navigation.

Special Features..

***** 5 Interesting 24 Piece Picture Puzzle Game*****
*Read it to me
*Read it yourself
*Tell it by yourself (Narration Show Hide option)

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